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So here’s some thoughts on what I’ve tried watching this 2014 Spring anime season:

Break Blade - Mecha? Check. Grown up shounen protag trying to maintain his “Vash the Stampede” morals and friendship amid war? Check. Owls? Check. Other than scientist queen being the subject of fanservice every few episodes, there’s nothing overtly objectionable about it so far.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders - ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORRAAAAAA (I forgot how skeevy some parts of the third arc can be, but it has Magnificent Bastard Jojo returning as an ojiisan as well as DIO. So yeah. Pose Walk like an Egyptian.)

Knights of Sidonia - So when I heard Polygon Pictures (Transformers Prime) was animating a mecha series, I was excited. While watching it, I was quickly reminded they aren’t the best at animating people. A little too hard sci-fi and “watch all these teen pilots die in real combat” for my tastes. We’ve dubbed the series “Head Trauma” based on the main character’s noggin taking repeated beatings in every episode.

Mushi-shi Zoki Shou - That second season of Mushishi I’ve always wanted.

One Week Friends - Watched the first episode, and pretended that was it since it works fine as a stand alone. I guess boy-meets-girl-with-amnesia stories ain’t my thing and I’ve already seen 50 First Dates and Ef: A Tale of Memories.

Ping Pong - I was reluctant to start this one because ping pong and sports anime, but I was quickly won over once I started. Its refreshing to hear a regular Chinese character speak Mandarin in an anime. Also, sassy chain-smoking grandma and trainer grandpa whipping these punk-ass underachieving kids into shape is the best. The OP makes table tennis look so punk rock.

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Sounded like Madoka meets Yu-Gi-Oh with reversed gender ratios (yay, ladies playing magical card games with a dark twist). Ended up being like the worst/boring bits of Black Rock Shooter and a card game that makes no sense. Dropped after a few episodes.

Soul Eater Not! - Watched the first episode just to see Maka again. I love/miss her. Will watch the rest of it once I stop seeing it as a generic moe schoolgirl slice of life spinoff instead of being about girls who like girls who turn into halberds.

Yowamushi Pedal (Yowapeda) - This technically started last season, I was just late in hopping on the bike anime bandwagon. My relation to sports anime is like the main character’s relationship with sports clubs in the first episode. It went from “Bluh, why do I have to deal with sports, I’d rather be watching anime.” to “I LOVE THIS AND I WANT MORE. YAY SPORTS.”

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Fidelity - a Soundwave fanmix.

1) Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (Drumless Mix) || 2) Lorde - Glory and Gore || 3) Air - Sexy Boy || 4) Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Benny Benassi Satisfaction Edit) || 5) The Black Eyed Peas - Electric City (Tempo & Sped Up) || 6) Nine Inch Nails - Satellite || 7) Schneider TM - The Light 3000 (The Shins cover) || 8) New Order - Blue Monday || 9) Tingod - Your Silent Face (New Order cover) 10) Daft Punk - End of Line || 11) Justice - Phantom pt. II || 12)  Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Code Adam Remix) || 13) BONUS TRACK - The Siri Auto Tune Song (Close To You)

[Listen] || [Download]

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Winter 2014 anime first impressions:

Hamatora - It’s basically GetBackers. That’s pretty much it. Okay, maybe a hint of Darker than Black because of how powers work.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu - For a slice-of-life show about demons working in a literal bureaucratic Hell, it’s kinda funny. Has the painting-like aesthetics of Mononoke, which is a bonus.

Mahou Sensou - BORED. It’s like every magical fighting school anime ever, hence the title.

Nobunaga the Fool - Historical Japanese/European figures piloting mecha in some strange fantasy AU. I can’t.

Noragami - Like the first season of Bleach with a hint of Soul Eater, I find myself genuinely enjoying this one.

Sekai Seifuku - Nope. Would normally love a show about campy evil organization world domination, but can’t get over the half-naked loli leader.

Space Dandy - Having Redline deja vu. While it’s pretty, well animated, and they do a great job on the variety of aliens, I probably overhyped myself for this one. They spend too much time at space Hooters. Much preferred the second episode about space ramen written by Dai Sato.

Witch Craft Works - My body usually instantly rejects shows hinting at harem, but this magic/action one’s… not that bad? Is it because MC dude is told that as the princess, he needs to shut-up and let the big girls save his clueless ass? Will wait until my third-episode deadline to decide if to continue or not.

Wizard Barristers - Ace Attorney for wizards, lots of well animated action, and MC girl is Canadian with maple leaves on her scooter helmet? Yes, please. Pervert frog familiar thing? No, die. You’re ruining this show for me.

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Secret Boyfriend’s Chocolate Ganache Carrot Cake Recipe

Since he’s been bothered to cough-up this mind-blowingly good recipe to email to family, I’ve decided to share it with you all. Seriously, he has to bake me something like this every 6 months as a bi-annual tribute or else. This cake managed to get people who hate sweets to request one for their birthday. It’s that good. His response to “But what about that heavenly chocolate cake/brownie version??” is simply “Buy a box of cake mix or find a recipe off the internet, I dunno. That’s what I did.” His cake genius is a wonderful mystery.

Read more …

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He was making Pokemon puns all afternoon until...

[ at dinner ]
You've really cleaned all the chicken off that Cubone.
Are you still doing this?
What do you find so Oddish?
Can you stop???
Seems my puns are making you act like your butt is a little Bulbasaur there.
My, that reaction was... Gastly.
*storms off in rage*
[ 5 minutes later in kitchen ]
I'm sorry I've been pestering you with all these Pokemon puns-
-but I've been having a Blastoise the whole time.
AAARRRRGGGGG. *starts flailing at him to stop*
Hey, what did I do to deserve you Hitmonlee?
There you go! Soon you too will be making puns like a Machamp!
UGGGGGGG... How have you not run out of the original 150 Pokemon yet?!?
It's not my fault there's a stupid amount of them and they keep introducing Mew ones!
. . .

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My boyfriend’s attempts at filling the gaps in Dark Cybertron after having only read MTMTE are entertaining and sometimes better than the actual canon.

"Megatron has a space bridge in his body? How does he activate it? You know what, I’ll just imagine it works by pelvic thrust. *BAM* Opens a portal."

"Where are the other lady bots? Guess they decided to stay and chill on the awesome Amazon paradise planet like in Wonder Woman instead of return home."

"Nightbeat went to the worst ‘obvious villain’ sleeper agent school. What’s sadder is Optimus and crew must’ve gone to ‘oblivious hero’ school for falling for this crap."

It must be binding Decepticon law to have a stupidly obvious back-stabber as your second in command. At least Starscream was progressive for hiring the first Autobot/Beastformer for the role!

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